20 comments on “5 Things You’ve Never Known About Neko!!

  1. hiya !! I’m Boo. Excellent blog !! Do I know you ?? Are you a member of kittenplay ?? If you are into kittenplay and you’d like to meet other kittens and owners please come on by an say hi !! Honest it’s a social network for kittens – no scams, no fees, just fun !!!


    • Marcel….. as always it’s a joy to have you drop in! Big Kitten hug for you!!

      …. and I’m sorry I haven’t had the chance to thank you for stopping by too, Boo, but life been rather cruel to me lately and unfortunately I’ve let things keep me behind in my Blog maintenance duties…..
      Taking a peek over at your Blog has me thinking we both hold a certain fondness for all things “kitten-ish”, although my cosplay interests do stop a wee bit short of the “kittenplay” fetish. (Much to my girlfriend Carolyn’s dismay….)

      Still….. it’s nice to have another Catgirl drop by and say “Meow”! I hope you enjoy my goofy ramblings and come by again sometime.

  2. Receive my most tender hug.
    Read your last post, I’m very sorry about what happened to Goober.
    Curl up here, lil’ kitty, here’s my chest, all yours.

    • Thank you Marcel…. I truly appreciate your thoughts. He was a terrible lil’ troublemaker at times but he was also a special lil’ guy and I’m gonna miss him.

      It’ll be hard, but it’s not the end of the world…. even if it seems a bit like it right now.

  3. Goober was a part of you, sure he’s now chasing lil’ mice in cat-heaven until coming back.
    He probably is jus waiting for the opportunity.
    He knew quite well how much you loved him.
    He will return to you.

    He is free and taking shape.

    Be watchful 🙂

  4. Hi Neko,

    First of all, love your blog, been lurking here for a few years now, and usually agree with your movie reviews. Thanks for all the effort you’ve put into the site.

    Anyway, you say you’re a wee bit paranoid regarding personal safety, but at the same time you refuse to obtain a driver’s license meaning you have to walk everywhere! Surely there have been some occasions where you have to walk at night time? That would be quite scary considering you watch quite a few horror movies! Have you ever wished during one of those times that you were able to drive a car instead of looking over your shoulder all the time as you hear footsteps echoing behind you?

  5. Hi Kobe, nice to hear from another of my Gentle Visitors, I’m glad you finally decided to chime in!

    Yep…. my lack of a driver’s license does indeed mean I’m forced to walk most places around my lil’ town for day to day errands. However… that’s never been much of a problem for me, as I’m far too careful to wander about alone late at night or in somewhat questionable or deserted places. There are indeed times I find myself somewhat apprehensive, but luckily I also manage to find a ride with friends if I want most of the time.

    Carolyn usually chauffeurs me around quite a bit too…. Thank goodness she’s such a sweetie!!

  6. I read your review of “High Kick Girl” and thought that your take on it sounded like how I imagine my sentiments about it would be, if I watched it, so I was curious about the writer (also, your personal brand of integrating a catgirl personality sounded cute, unlike the annoying teen variety).

    I can empathize with your list. I hope you don’t mind if I go down the list.

    I used to swim a lot, but I had a long absence from it due to being self-conscious and when I tried again, I found out I couldn’t even keep up with old folks… It sure wasn’t like riding a bike! It took me a while to realize that I only swam well when I was horizontally oriented. Keeping my head above water and being diagonal decreased my buoyancy by huge amounts. Have you tried learning to swim in water that you can stand in and submerging your face while you hold your breath to try to float?

    The closest I’ve ever been to having a driver’s license was a learner’s permit while being in driver’s ed. I had to get a state ID to travel.

    There were only a hand-full of people (two?) who I ever liked talking on a phone with and I usually find it irritating. I do have a cell phone, but I mostly use it as a notepad and watch . . .

    Even though I’m good at processing sound [or was until a year ago?] to the point that it seems [seemed?] like I have [had?] super-hearing (I could hear car doors close 15 to 40 feet away outside my house, while I was indoors), my past social anxiety made me have immense trouble listening to people who were talking to me and expected a response. I wound up faking replies to things that I didn’t hear and maybe a quarter of the time was caught doing so. Back then, my friends and classmates asked I was deaf. It took me years to notice that I could hear everything when it wasn’t said to me, or if it didn’t need a reaction.

    I use store (I think it’s actually restaurants, for me) windows as rear-view mirrors, too, though probably not as often. I actually will turn around to look. Patterns and known habits are sources of vulnerability! Murderers use this . . . according to my detective stories . . . Anyway, I think the desire to know all of the entrances and exits is actually very reasonable, responsible and commendable. I’ll start doing that, too. I think it actually makes sense that you’d be more concerned of areas with fewer people, since troublemakers are less likely to do things with a large audience. I had a phobia of cops, even making up a word for it (“sentryphobia”; named after Roman sentries), even though I don’t recall ever personally having a bad experience with them. I think it’s a mixture of my parents’ influence, things I’ve seen and heard and that I have had a long history of not being believed.

    I’ll leave you with the thought of a large guy momentarily confusing cats by imitating a realistic “meow”. (I’m pretty sure I can do that to a few of them.)

  7. Nice to have another visitor speak up…. and even nicer to see somebody else share some of my lil’ eccentricities…

    Yep… tried that bit about starting out swimming (or floating) in shallow water, but had no luck…. I still sink, even with a big breath of air. So no aquatic adventures for this girl.

    The strangest thing regarding my various paranoia related quirks is that I didn’t suffer from those as a child (or at least if did, I never noticed…) I developed most of those as I got into High School for no apparent reason. Since then they’ve never gotten worse…. but I’ve never completely shaken them either.

  8. I was discussing (not for the first time) the correlation between deafness and a level of paranoia with my wife who was born deaf. The bit about needing to know entrance and exit points in public places definitely applies to her as well. She required surgery to gain a functional modicum of hearing. This article here is interesting:

    “[…] deafness paranoia. It is an outcome of the embarrassment of mishearing and mispronunciation, as well as misunderstanding the dynamics of social situations and the resultant isolation.”

    Interestingly, her best friend has Asperger’s syndrome. He cannot interpret non-verbal communications, among other things.

    • When I was a really little girl, I can remember being picked on quite a bit in Elementary school about my “miss-hearing” things. Seems I was always answering people in ways that didn’t make sense to them unless I was somehow retarded or something. It’s what finally got me looked at by a doctor who discovered what was going on.

      Wish I could say it helped once people knew, but kids being kids, I just ended up with a different reason for me to be singled out as different from the other kids. I can’t imagine the troubles Asperger’s would present…..

  9. His Asperger’s isn’t too severe, for lack of a better term. The fun part is that Aspies don’t always do well with direct eye contact and, of course, I have to look at him when he speaks. LOL We manage.

    I got picked on at school too. It didn’t stop until after high school. Ewwww. Being an almost-old-fart has its advantages in that area. 🙂

    As for the paranoia… As Lastech says, I have it. I think he’s correct about the reasons. I think it also came about because I could never hear anyone if they snuck up on me, so I startled easily. Now I’m always watching, just in case. LOL

    • My paranoia is always a present factor, but mostly manageable.

      Thank goodness for that…. My natural “Fight or Flight” response has always tended toward the “fight” option unfortunately… like as not if somebody surprised me at the wrong time I’d probably smack them with the stoutest object to come to hand instinctively. Not certain why that is… in general I rather shy away from verbal confrontations if I can, but if cornered or if I’m unable to seek safe distance I can be surprisingly physical at times. Being of a somewhat petite build people never expect that either…. Luckily I’ve always been wary enough of situations before ever getting into a position likely to make me react in such a fashion.

  10. Whuahahaha you are indeed a fun person Miyuki 🙂

    I am lost without my cellphone as I do all my internet activity there. But I don’t like making a call too…I will answer a phone but rarely make a phone call…I like texting more.

    I don’t have driver’s license too…I am all around bus girl 🙂

    So nice to know more about you…glad that deafness is only a tiny bit

    • Hahaha!! My closest friends like to say I’m “colorfully eccentric” but I’m thinking that’s mostly a polite way of telling me I’m a more than just wee bit odd… 😉

      The funny thing about being a little bit deaf is that… to me anyway… I’ve no way of knowing just how deaf I really am since I’ve never ever heard any better than I do now. I just haven’t anything to compare it to. To me it all just seems normal…. but who knows… I could be missing out on a whole lot of things that I don’t even realize. The only way I have any sense of it is when somebody gives me “the look” that tells me I just answered them wrong when we are having a conversation or something.

      I think it has always bothered Mom to think I was born this way, like somehow she’d done something wrong when she was pregnant with me, but I’ve never thought of it like that. She was really upset when it first got diagnosed back when I was about 6, but I never understood then why that was…. to me there didn’t seem to be a problem and it took her longer to accept than it did me. As a little girl, I was just happy I had two normal looking ears on my wee lil’ head…. the fact that one of them didn’t quite work right was just the way it had always been and I didn’t even think about it.

      • No, the doctors were very certain it was a congenital disorder but were never able to agree as to exactly what occurred to make it happen. That’s why my Mom has always been worried it was her fault, but it’s really nothing I’ve ever felt that way about. All these years later I can say it’s not even a real issue in my day-to-day life.

  11. Well they are certainly interesting little things. I sometimes wish I could share such interesting titbits on my own blog. But, here is a couple of interesting co-incidences:

    1) I can’t swim either. Believe me, I have tried, had lessons, everything. I think it is partly something to do with my body makeup as you suggest, but also my sheer sense of panic and terror which creeps in, which means I end up physically exhausted after a few metres. But, as I find the very idea of it as exercise mind-numbingly boring, and if I really was planted in the middle of the Atlantic I would be a goner even if I was olympic level, I have decided to make peace with that particular failing.

    2) I dislike phones too. Actually I am terrified by them. Not just mobile phones, but the old fashioned type too. When I was a teen, I could not even phone up my best friend. Its a strange paranoia that I might ring the wrong number, or that person might now actually want to talk to me. For my job, I have to use the telephone a lot, and every call is a huge struggle for me. Ironically, I do have a beautiful iphone which I am in love with – but I make about 1 call a month on it. Thank god I was born in the age of text and instant messengers 😉

    • I’m soooo with you on the swimming thing and it’s nice to know I’m not alone. I do go to the beach on occasion in the summer, but outside of a wee bit of splashing around, I’m definitely a “beach bunny”. I just have to watch how much direct sun I get as I also burn really easily….. 😦

      Hahaha…. I know what you mean. Carolyn actually bought me a cellphone as a present a while back, but I’m still more likely to receive calls on it than to actually make them…. that is, when I can actually remember to carry it with me. She’s always getting on me about that…. 😉

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