3 comments on “"Mutants" (2009) – French Zombie/ Mutant/ Horror

  1. I am so tired of the \chick-who-survives-it-all\ horror movies. It’s getting way beyond sexist. Time to have a duo or trio or even a lone male survive for once. It’s so old hat it’s making horror films have a bad name. I give mutants 2 thumbs down…waaaay down. Save your money on this French fry with dry acting and so-so scares.

  2. Well, finally got around to watching this a few days ago. I thought it was pretty solid: as mentioned in the review, the film got into it from the start quickly and furiously. The camera work was pretty effective: in the action scenes, the camera was ‘bouncing’ around as they all seem to do since Ridley, and particularly Tony Scott got started on it. But it wasn’t overly done.
    The ‘realism’ (yeah, I know: a zombie flick realistic?) was a bit of a mix: the blood and spurting effects did look real, and watching Marco in the throes of his infection was definitely well observed and acted. The seizure-like contortions, described as grand-mal seizures have been observed in patients infected with hemorrhagic viruses like Ebola. It’s as though the virus uses the body to violently spray itself around, covering everything in blood.
    The female SWAT-type at the beginning probably never handled a weapon before and it showed.
    There were some very nice shots of beautiful mountain scenery and for me that’s a big plus for a horror flick.
    My problem with ‘mutants’ is that I didn’t feel it really added anything to thee genre after ’28 days’. Worth watching but probably not owning.

    • Of the two French “Zombie” films, I have to say “The Horde” was better… but still, this one wasn’t half bad either. For me… goofy zombie movie junkie that I am, it was pretty fun and better than the latest “Resident Evil” movie….. which Carolyn was truly disappointed I dragged her out to the theater just to see.

      You know what I’d like to see? The old H.P. Lovecraft story “Pickman’s Model”… with it’s packs of subterranean cannibal ghouls beneath the quaint New England town of Arkham, Massachusetts. If you caught the recent release of “Solomon Kane” you saw the sort of ghouls I mean. Now…. there’s a movie monster that’s been completely missed and could really be scary if done right.

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