4 comments on “A New "Look" For The "Litterbox"….

    • This particular Theme is called “Cute Bubbles”…. and it certainly lives up to it’s name. I’ve just fallen in love with the soft shades of pink and purple woven throughout.

      Just a wee bit of tweaking to get my header in place and it works for me perfectly! (Hehehehe…. and it doesn’t hurt that no reformatting of all my old posts was necessary with it either….)

  1. Hey,

    Just to let you know, I’ve added a link to your site on Dr Gore’s movie reviews. I like the little blurb you left with my link. I have got trashy movies. And lots of them. But \Bitch Slap\ isn’t one of them.


    • Hehehe…. Why thank you!

      I’ve been a lurker over at your Blog for a while, and I’ve always liked the no-nonsense way you did your reviews… (Even when we disagree on a film….) You cover a lot of those goofy bad exploitation style films this girl remembers from when I was little….

      Ah the memories….

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