4 comments on “A Little “Me Time”…..

  1. So nice to see you drop by!!

    So you like the new “look”? My day today is filled with that same manic energy that seizes me sometimes and makes me wanna do all sorts of crazy things…. Changing Blog themes just seemed like a “must do”!

    …..And, as always, plenty of love to send right back at you!!

  2. …love received 🙂

    (I still keep a lot of your old pages in one of my folders close to some projects; always thought that stuff should be part of one of my films -with your consent, of course!-)

    I don’t know if you remember the \Northern Exposure\ TV series… Ive always envisaged you instead of Chris (the radio guy from Sicily) talking to the small town from intimacy.


    • “Northern Exposure”… Yes!! I remember that series. It’s flattering to think you’d see me as part in it.

      Strangely enough, in “Real” life I’m actually rather shy and cautious (and more than a little “cat-like” around strangers) and would never have the nerve to be as personal as this with people at large…. but I’m finally comfortable enough here at the Litterbox to relax and let myself be me. Imagining it like my own personal Diary helps with that illusion…..

      You “archive” my pages? How sweet! I never envisioned that my goofy ramblings would ever be considered worth enough for that sort of thing…. of course it’s OK with me!

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