6 comments on ““Skjult” aka “Hidden” (2009) – Norwegian Horror

  1. Hm, there are some subtle key elements you could’ve delved into here, so I’m not sure you gave this film the credit it deserves….after some reading, my favorite interpretation is that the mother killed KK and then kept Peter…(downing in the bathtub, all those flashbacks?). That would explain why grown up KK looks soooo much like young Peter, and why young KK looks like red hoodie boy. So, she kills her son, and locks up Peter, who eventually escapes, but not before he’s pretty effed in the head. So, he comes backs to town, Sara says “damn you’ve really changed” (cuz he’s not the same kid she knew), and more than once he asked “don’t you remember me?”, no ,he doesn’t, cuz he’s not KK. But the man in the red hoodie is all in his imagination, they’re the same person, he’s the killer lots of references to that. You mention him killing a deputy when he’s with Sara, but I don’t recall that, I remember her not being around when those things happen, but maybe I need to rewatch.

    And ,yeah, you say “this lil’ catgirl” waayyyy too much. First time at your site, but you come across to me as one of those really socially awkward anime fans, the kind you can peg a mile away. I know the cat thing’s your gimmick, but intelligent people would take you more seriously if you downplayed that a bit, just my 2 cents :3.

    Oh, and sorry to read about your cat :\

  2. Hmmmm? That’s an interesting take on this one…. and it actually does explain much of what sort of flew by me. I usually figure with a foreign film that ofttimes I’m at the mercy of the subtitles….. which can be a good translation or a bad one… but which ultimately miss things that are culturally specific. Often it’s like being subjected to an “in-joke” that just makes you go “Huh?”

    Hahaha!! “Socially awkward”? That’s sort of me alright…. The whole “Catgirl” thing goes waaaaay back to my Cosplay days back in college and although I haven’t worn the “Ears & Tail” in years, it’s a part of my life I still fondly remember and the identity has stuck even though I’m now a grown up woman with a boring daily life (for the most part, anyway…)

    Being taken seriously has never been something I’ve worried about. The “Litterbox” is a place of fun and whimsy for me where I can loosen up and be a bit playful while sharing my goofy love of weird foreign film…. but I can definitely see where I might just be considered frivolous and flighty (possibly even more than slightly insane or in need of medication…) by a first time visitor. Oh well…. in my late 30’s I’m far too old to change now, Hehehehe!!

    Even so… I’m still glad to have you stop by, and I hope at least you might have found out about some film maybe you never knew existed, if so I’ve accomplished my mission!

  3. Just saw the movie and was as perplexed as ‘Nekoneko’ as to the plot, it’s take on twists, and the sad lack of ‘meat’ left from this horror soup…it had huge potential and I didn’t give up on it, until the end……and was left wondering “what just happened?” Hence, that is why I am here a year later, looking for some understanding….I have discovered that is is none……there is always another ‘flick’ around the corner………..

    • Yep… watched this one again not too long ago when it came on TV, but for the life of me, it still didn’t make all that much more sense this time out.

      Ah well… not all of them do, and life’s too short to waste time when, as you say, there’s always another movie right around the corner clamoring for me to give it a try.

      Anyway… thanks for dropping in Madison, and I hope you enjoy my goofy ramblings here at the ol’ “Litterbox”. Maybe you’ll find a movie that interests you more…

  4. Just saw “Hidden” last night. Your interpretation helps, esp. the observation that it is a well made movie, but not well told. The plot leaves too many holes and inconsistencies- the biggest of which, for me anyway, was “why does everybody hate KK?” He was what, 11 or so when he escaped? And now it’s 19 years later and he’s 30- So what on earth did he do in those 19 years to earn such hostility? And where has he been? I assume that pre-teens don’t live on their own in Norway and that the government provides for them somehow. There was no investigation about why this kid ran away from his mom and there was no intervention in the torture that everyone seems to know about?

    One thing I noticed that you could flesh out:

    The director includes lots of nods to other haunted house/ insane main slasher movies. The bouncing red ball is a reference to “The Changeling.” The creepy bartender serving him shots and refusing payment is a reference to “The Shining.” You caught the reference to Pyscho at the end. All of which hint that the red hoodie killer is imaginary.

    Also, I wonder if the dirty black haired kid and the blond kid were supposed to be one person? Cut off the blonde hair and dirty him up and they’re identical. The scene with the dirty black haired kid could be mental dissasociation, with the imprisoned kid looking back in on himself. This fits with the Pyscho reference.

    The poorly told plot makes such a mess of things that it’s impossible to know what was intended. Frustrating.

    • Why “Hellow there Mike!!” 😉

      Always nice to have somebody pop in for a look at one of my older reviews and leave a comment, especially such a well thought-out one. Sorry it’s taken this wee Catgirl a couple of days to get back to you, but things have been super crazy for me these last few weeks…. Sigh….

      Yes, I have to say I found this one mostly a disappointment overall, even with it’s attempts to have all those little homages to old films…. It just didn’t really work that well for me as I remember. But then that’s sometimes the way of it when you watch a foreign film… (at least this one was plenty foreign to me.)

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