2 comments on ““Yulenka: Deadly Lessons” aka “Юленька: Смертельные уроки” (2009) – Russian Thriller/ Horror

    • Ooohh!! I can’t remember exactly which site I managed to find the subtitles on, but I can tell you they were Russian ones, in the original Cyrillic script. Took me quite a bit of effort to first transpose those to English letters and then translate them to English language. Naturally that meant having to unmangle the meanings and context and make them understandable. Then of course I had to adjust the timing and synch them to the film Whew…. not something I like spending time on everyday…..

      I might still have my finished version of those subtitles around somewheres…. if I can find them I’ll see If I can’t upload them as an attachment somehow. But don’t hold your breath… I’m a pretty scatterbrained lady some days. It could take a while. 😉

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