3 comments on ““Sexy Killer, Morirás Por Ella” (2008) – Spanish Horror/ Comedy

  1. Nice to read new reviews here at the litterbox after the hollidays.

    Im glad you liked Sexy Killer, maybe than me. I thought it had some great ideas and visuals but it was a bit too goofy for me. I also get a allergic reaction as soon as a actor is talking to the camera in any movie. Her barbie and ken dream was hilarious thou 🙂

    Right now im exited over the upcoming R2 UK release of the japanese horro movie House (Hausu) from 1977.

    And how i envy you living in America since you get to see it fully restored in the cinemas 😉
    24framespersecond have the dates if you havent noticed already.

    and heres info of the r2 Uk disc if you like me feel eager to own it.

    • This one really appealed to my somewhat warped sense of humor… and even my sweetie Carolyn liked it… so it was just about a perfect movie for me.

      Sadly, “Hausu” isn’t playing anywhere near my lil’ backwater town… so I won’t get the chance to see it at the Theater…but…

      Luckily I already have it on pre-order at Amazon.UK. Mmmmm… Neko just loves her all region Chinese DVD player!!

  2. I guess i (as usual) had to high hopes for Sexy killer.. but im definetly gonna rewatch it!

    ahh sad that you to miss Hausu on cinema, but home cinema is not to bad, often better audience at the home cinema, and you can even enjoy a glass of whisky or wine during the movie!

    I have just enjoyd a wonderfull experience on my German all region dvd player.. Thirst.. What a amazing movie!! i could not resist watch it even thou my darling, who also want to see it, are working this evening.. guess i have to see it again soon.. aaah im gladly putting it in the dvd-player again.

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