9 comments on ““Strandvaskaren” aka “Drowning Ghost” (2004) – Swedish Horror

  1. Hey, fun to see a review of a movie from my old country.
    Sad to say i did not like this movie at all, it was plain boring.

    If you want a recommendation on swedish horror/comedy we have \Frostbiten\ from 2006.
    A swedish vampire movie with less budget and not so serious as \than Let The Right One In\.
    It didnt get any great reviews but i really liked it because it is a stright forward horror-comedy and you can tell that the people behind the movie really like the genre.

    heres a link to the official website with trailer (w. enlish subs).

    • Nice to see you stop by again Skepparkrantz!

      “Frostbitten” is another of those ones that slipped by me… ( given how much time I spend chasing asian stuff down, European films often do that…d’oh!!) I’ve been vaguely aware it was out there but hadn’t actually had the chance to snap up a copy. But… I’m probably gonna remedy that little oversight soon… Hehehehe!!

  2. You do that and do tell me what I did wrong and, hopefully, right.

    And yes, I ego-googled myself here.

    Daniel Ojanlatva
    Writer Frostbiten.

    • Wow…. never expected such a celebrity to drop by the Litterbox. Nice to hear from you!

      I’ve finally tracked a copy of “Frostbitten” down and have it on order at the moment…. Once it gets here you can be certain I’ll weigh in with a review.

  3. Oh, please do a review of Frostbitten, it’s my favorite Swedish movie of all time!

    **ck those critics that hated it. I love it.

    • Hehehe…. nice to see somebody reads the old reviews… comments and all.

      “Frostbitten” did show up, but immediately got swallowed by the immensity of the towering edifice that is my “To Watch” pile of DVD’s which seems always to keep growing despite my efforts to keep up with it. Guess I’ll have to take this as a subtle hint to move it closer to the top of the pile…..

      Hope you enjoyed your visit to my “Litterbox” and come again soon, SwedishViking, you never know what wacky films this lil’ Catgirl might be watchin’ next…..

  4. Hehehehe…. sorry I never did watch it yet. Yes,yes…. I’ve been a fairly naughty kitten and let this one get buried again…

    But since you’ve reminded me of it once more, I’ll just have to see if I can’t dig it out and give it a view.

    Soon…. honest!!

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