5 comments on ““Raging Phoenix” aka “Du Suay Doo” aka ดื้อ สวย ดุ (2009) – Thai Martial Art/Action

  1. Actually…. if you are interested, I could edit the .srt subs I have and then give them too you….although these are actually pretty good as is.

    …I just found the whole idea of evil villains sniffing for the “secret smell” that Jeeja exudes soooo darn funny…. almost paralyzingly so…..

    It probably wouldn’t be half as funny if they didn’t actually show the “stink waves” coming off her in CGI form like in a cartoon….. Carolyn and I were just about rolling on the floor laughing when they did that!!

    Yep…. they really should refer to it as the “special scent”… so much more feminine and appealing. Otherwise it makes me want to wonder if she should just change her deodorant to “Summer’s Eve”….

    Hehehehe…. apparently there are days that Jeeja just doesn’t feel… you know… “fresh”….

  2. Finally got to see this.. Long enough after that I’d forgotten all of this review. Reading it again you’ll be glad to know I had the exact same reaction to the film. Stink waves were hilarious and really from nowhere left field.

    It seemed like there were a few different half film ideas going on here any of which could’ve been it’s own story. Personally I wanted to see the Muay Thai-punk drummer rock’n roll story, maybe that’ll get followed up another time 🙂

    The climax was very strange as well, the fight on the bridge seemed also to use completely different cameras that reminded this UK viewer of Crystal Maze (youtube it) ie a little cheap and cheerful.

    The mate who got the DVD for me was able fill me in that a lot of the subtitling wasn’t anything close to what they were saying. It’s a shame that this one seems more likely to be enjoyed for kitsch amusement value than quality.

    Oh well, there’s a lot of good stuff here still and the fights are great. I’ll still be looking for whatever the team produces next.

    • Yes…. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

      But somehow fun for all that. Jeeja has excellent screen presence and with Tony Jaa getting flakier and flakier with every news story I read out of Thailand, she’s probably Thailand’s best best for an action hero in the near future. Hopefully they’ll give her the vehicle to make the breakout hit they need in the International market.

  3. Yeah I’ve not heard a whole lot about that, just that Ong Bak 2 he requested tons of reshoots, when it started going wrong he went walkabout. Now Ong Bak 3 is mostly assembled from the OB2 cutting-room floor, it’s getting fairly poor reviews Jaa has gone off to become a monk.

    Jeeja doesn’t have the power of presence or punch that Jaa does but yeah the charisma thing she’s got down, and teh acrobatics are awesome 🙂

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