14 comments on ““Pintu Terlarang” aka “The Forbidden Door” (2009) – Indonesian Horror/ Suspense

  1. Entertaining review of an intriguing film. Now, could you please, please tell me where I can find a copy of this and his other film? Thank you!

    Also, do you know if the Indonesian dvd is uncut? I just read the director’s blog, and he says the censorship board demanded several cuts. But may only have been for the cinema release.

    • Happy to have another Gentle Visitor chime in!

      Joko Anwar is one of the most interesting directors in Indonesian cinema and both this one and his earlier “Kala” aka “Dead Time” are readily available in Indonesia itself. If you are located elsewhere, like this lil’ Catgirl, then your best bet to grab a copy would be either Sensasian.com out of Malaysia or from Yesasia Global which had “Pintu Terlarang” listed as being available last I knew.

      Ebay and Amazon marketplace are good ideas to check as well, sometimes they’ll have some surprising finds when all else has failed. Hope this helps!

      I hadn’t heard about the censorship boards cuts, and I’m not certain if the Indonesian disc is edited…. but I didn’t notice any appreciable problems with it, normally those sorts of edits stick out like a sore thumb for me to notice.

  2. I found one of his previous films, Joni’s promise, on sensasian, a supplier I’ve already used a number of times. So I’ll most certainly be ordering this one very soon. 😀 Kala seems to be trickier though, but that is exactly how it should be. The thrill of the hunt, the adrenalin-filled tracking down of rarer, more exotic films. With more and more genres going mainstream,there is almost no hidden, esoteric pleasures left to pursue. I’m an ardent horror fan, but these days you can find virtually any gory, previously banned gem at your local blockbuster. Infinitely frustrating! I miss the 80s and 90s, when youhad to actually look hard for something.:D

    Will check yesasia too, although I rarely use them. There are cheaper alternatives.

    You’ll find the censorship info for Forbidden here:


    I already sent the director an email asking about an uncut release.

    Kind regard,

    PS! Your taste in cinema is truly impeccable & your reviews are immensely entertaining§

    PPS! You also reviewed the Indonesian horror film MACABRE? didn’t you? Do you know if the Indonesian dvd is longer than the cut Singapore release? Very unlikely, aye? Guess I’ll have to wait for a US or German dvd.

    • Hehehe…. I’ve not had the chance to see the Indonesian release for “Macabre” as the Indonesian censorship board made things difficult for the DVD release by forcing the last minute re-editing of it before they’d OK the sale of it in Indonesia. I’m told the cuts are minor… mostly 1 second trims here and there to satisfy requirements under release guidelines for their domestic DVD market. Hopefully I’ll encounter it soon and get a copy for comparison.

      The Singapore release is edited, unfortunately… but I’m given to understand that the cuts were less extreme than those made in Indonesia. One used to be able to get Singapore DVD’s rather reliably from Moviexclusive out of Singapore itself, priced in US dollars but recently their e-store has gone missing and I’m afraid they are out of business. A shame, as they were a good source for Asian films (especially Thai ones) that missed being subtitled in English elsewhere.

      I’m glad you enjoy my reviews, and here’s to hoping you’ll find more reasons to drop by and chat in future!

  3. For some reason your page seemed to be down. I was trying to access it all morning, without any success.

    Yes, it truly is a pity about moviexclusives. Bought Colic, among others, from them some time ago, but found the estore to be gone when I tried last time. A shame! Well, you can always use hkflix.com.They have quite a few Singapore dvds and have excellet service. Also, I luckily have a persoal contact in Singapore that can get me stuff. He sent me some excellent tin boxes of quite a few Gihbli films {Ponyo, Kiki etc}.Amazing quality and very collectible!

    Btw, you can try this retailer for Indonesian dvds: http://www.esindo.com. They have Macabre and a lot more! Situated in the US, apparently.

    Also, there’s http://www.cinemashops.com in Malaysia. I order rare Barry Prima and Indo horror vcds there.

    Now, if they would only hurry up and release MACABRE uncut!

    PS! Found this: http://www.alarabiya.net/articles/2010/02/05/99434.html

    Interesting read! Censorship, so very civilized and modern.

  4. Noticed that you already know ESINDO; Obviously! 😀

    By the way, can you please recommend some good Idonesian and Malay {horror} films? The highlights, the great or above average ones? I mean,why wade through an ocean of mediocre ghost stories, when you have already done that? 😀

    • Sorry about the downtime… it even caught me unawares earlier today…. not certain what was up but I’m certain our “tech gnomes” at Delirium were all over things as I see we’re back up and at it again.

      Ahhhh! I almost forgot about esindo. They had both “Pintu Terlarang” as well as “Kala” last I remember…. They were down for a time and I thought they had gone out of business as well. Nice to see they are still available as a source! Their service wasn’t bad and prices were good… especially if you are located in the US. I seem to remember they even shipped internationally too, although I’m not certain how the prices were for that.

      Hmmmm? Where to start for Indonesian film? I’d have to say you could do worse than to give “Kuntilanak” a try… one of my favorites, and a nice look at a little known folklore monster (at least little known outside Indonesia itself…) There are two sequels to that one, but neither one measures up to the original unfortunately. I liked “Mati Suri” as well… and the first “Suster Ngesot”. In Malay film, try “Chermin” and “Santau”…. well worth a look for some nice story and unusual local folklore.

  5. I finally read your review 🙂
    Full of spoiler my kitty friend 😉
    I have finished my own review, it’s still on scheduled tho. It is a lot better, or I may say easier to understand once you have read the book. It’s interesting how Anwar turn it from book to movie. My review is far different from yours because I give more comparison than more about the movie itself. So I link it here for a more movie oriented review 😉

    • Hahaha!! I do indeed tend to do that unfortunately…. but I write my reviews that way because when I look for a foreign film on DVD I like to learn all about it first… even detailed story elements… to know if I will like it enough to risk buying it. I want people who find my reviews to be able to make that decision easily too. 😉

      Hmmmm? I can’t see your link… but no problem, I can fix that!!

      Read Novia’s book review for “Pintu Teralang” HERE!! 😉

      • hehe that’s why I only buy DVD by my fav actors because I dont want to risk it 😉

        I link your review to my movie review, not my book review. It might give a pingback later. Your review has more details than mine and hope it will help other to understand the movie.

    • Yep, an excellent lil’ film, it makes me wish more people outside of Indonesia were aware of Joko Anwar. Can’t wait to get a look at his latest, “Modus Anomali”. Canadian distributor Raven Banner Entertainment has acquired the International rights to it, so I’m crossing my fingers for a domestic US DVD soon!

      • This one’s been out for a while, and Indonesian DVD’s tend to get released and then just up and disappear after that initial release. If I were you I’d look on eBay to see if it might be floating out there somewheres.

        Failing that, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s on Youtube either if giving it a watch is all you really want. Me… I always prefer the DVD…. 🙂

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