2 comments on ““Chaw” (2009) – Korean Horror

  1. Since I heard that this would be part comedy I lost all interest for this movie. I mean if it would be man vs nature mocie it could be cool, but going down the comedyroad with this one just sounded stupid to me.

    Good review,even if it made me think the movie seems even more stupid then before 🙂 c´mon, a Japanese bulletproof army pig chased by a korean Roy Scheider clone? No thanks, i stay away from this one.

    Thanks for a great review.

    • I reeeeaaallly wanted to like it… but ultimately it wasn’t nearly as good as the early hype suggested it would be.

      Basically, there’s only one true “killer piggy” movie and that’s “Razorback”. The Aussies nailed that one for certain.

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