2 comments on ““Cat People” (1942) – Classic Horror

  1. It’s nice to see this one here. I’ve always loved this movie too. I also think Jacques Tourneur is one of the most underrated directors of all time. His eye for black and white photography is almost magical. I always remember the scene in this film where the shadows of the bars from the zoo play across Simone Simon’s apartment — I love those subtle but (psychologically and symbolically) significant touches. From his work with Val Lewton, to his film noir masterpiece, ‘Out of the Past’, he was such an amazing director. And now I better stop before I write an essay on Simone Simon too!

    • Yep, I just love those old Black & White horror classics…. nothing else quite captures the mood of either horror or film noir quite like the soft, slightly grainy look of those films.

      I don’t get much chance to catch these anymore unless I actually pick one up on DVD…. a shame that most TV channels just don’t seem to have much interest in them anymore.

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