2 comments on ““Arundhati” (2009) – Indian Fantasy/ Horror

  1. Please oh please tell me where you did find this for 5us$!?
    This looks awsome, its been a while since i watched a movie from India, actually last time i watched one was when I was in India and that was 9 years ago :-/

    This one looks amazing, I also gonna grab the Indian “Memento” looking “Ghajini” with Aamir Khan, its out on r2 in the UK.

    • It was impossible to get through my normal Hindi film sources, but luckily I found several excellent Telugu film sources through Ebay of all places…. Amazon.UK Marketplace would probably have some listings for it too, couldn’t hurt to give them a try. Directly from India should run you about 10-12$ (with shipping), from a US distributor about 8$ (with shipping included)… (at least to here in the good ol’ USofA anyways…. but shipping to the UK will probably run about the same.)

      **UPDATE** I see that Nehaflix now has it in stock as well for 15$US…. they deal out of New Jersey here in the US and if are very reliable…. just wait a while and the price will drop to be competetive with those other sources.

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