9 comments on ““Meat Grinder” (2009) – Thai Horror/ Gore

  1. Thanks for the review, so you think its only ok..
    I did have high hopes for this movie, the story alone makes it a \must see\.
    There have been some great Thai horror movies coming out, they are maybe not so \deep\ as most japanese horror movies but still alot of fun.
    I still have to see it but I will wait for a english subtitled release.

    Anyway.. I must just say that \Sexy Killer\ was kinda disappointing, it was way more cheesier than i thought. The main character was also talking to much to the camera, something i am strongly allergic to! There was some great ideas, the love story for was example really funny, but in the same time it felt like they had to many ideas they wanted to fit in the same movie.
    In the end it was just ok but not something i will remember.

    • “Meat Grinder” was a good film, but the early buzz had definitely led me to believe it was going to push some serious boundaries, and I can say that it didn’t really live up to all that hype.

      I’ve also gotten a copy of the Thai thrillers “Burn” and “Opapatika” so expect a couple more reviews for those in the next couple of weeks…. I’m hopefully gonna stuff the ol’ “Litterbox” full of reviews this month, so glad to see somebody’s still reading them!!

      Till next time!!

  2. Many reviews this month sound just great in my ears!
    Im looking forward to hear what you think about “Opapatika”.

    Some of the movies you review is kinda hard to find, i would just love if you could link or write down where these movies could be bought? I know that some sites like twitch and nipponcinema link but they usely focus on bigger movies..

    anyway.. keep up the god work, i love your reviews, great stuff!

    For now im just waiting for my latest order to arrive with some older and newer movies.. this time non-asian, like “Mirageman” with Marko Zaror (I just rewatched his great movie Kiltro last night), “Timecrimes” and Guillermo del Toro´s “Cronos”.

    Kind regards/Skepparkrantz.

    • I’ve slipped a bit thanks to a busy, busy weekend at work, but I’ve the whole day off today and am going to try to play “catch up” and do 2 or 3 reviews today.

      I’ve seen “Timecrimes”…. and it’s really good. Strangely enough, I recommend a second viewing after the first…. you’ll enjoy all the little touches and clues that are sprinkled throughout the film that you were oblivious to the first time. The continuity between time traveling sequences is so well managed!

      “Kiltro is in my pile of “to watch” films, but hasn’t wrestled it’s way to the top yet… Hehehehe!!

  3. If anyone’s interested, this will be released on a Dutch dvd label (Filmfreak) next month. Extras include:

    Behind the scenes, video clip, original trailer, trailer reel

    Everything is subtitled in Dutch and English.

    • Nice to hear it!

      Hopefully this version will actually have the original Thai audio that was replaced by mandarin on the recent HK region 3 release, the only other current subtitled version out there.

  4. Ahhh!! I’d missed that release… Thanks for pointing it out Ewan, always nice to know the options when looking for a film.

    The US Region 1 is due out soon too I think, but I’m fuzzy on the details…

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