2 comments on ““Mati Suri” (2009) – Indonesian Ghost/ Horror

  1. Uh… Beg to differ. Director’s strength is technical, as in compared to the run-of-mill Indon director, he’s obviously in the better half of the lot. But his character motivations are weak. Like, you see a girl you know, whose MOTHER you know, jump into a dirty pool & disappear … & when said mother was talking to you, you just refuse to tell her? Also, his technical direction may be easy on the eye but fails in the horror genre. I hardly got any shocks, besides the one under the bed and the close-up on Abel’s eyes which was cool & creepy (altho obviously not original). Props(?) or sfx(?) dept did a good job w the ghost make-up (except unfortunately Charlie who looked pretty retarded at the end). I wouldn’t go so far as likening it to 6th sense which still remains a cult classic today. 6th sense was the epitome of originality & horror direction. “Mati Suri” was not.

    • Ahhhh… well you have to understand this wee lady actually likes the realllly baaaad horror films of the world. They’re just like a big ol’ bag of potato chips…. salty and filled with saturated fat, but just soooo darn tasty you can’t help but like them. 😉

      Yes, admittedly this modest little film isn’t the match of a more polished production out of Hollywood, like “The Sixth Sense”, but when viewed in the light of it’s Indonesian roots, I still think it’s fair to be impressed with the overall result. There are a couple of plot quibbles, but mostly they fall within the areas that all Indo films seem to utilize as stock elements. You have to watch a lot of these to get a feel for that and then after that they aren’t as silly and jarring to a viewer.

      But overall, I do admit, these are definitely an acquired taste….

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