7 comments on ““Dead Snow” aka “Død Snø” (2009) – Norwegian Zombie/ Nazi/ Horror

  1. Pretty similar to what I thought. Good fun, some great moments, some truly disgusting (shagging in the latrine!), but ultimately pretty weak.

    The clichés piled up thicker than usual but still worth an evening’s distraction.

  2. Yep…. I had so much more hope for this one, but it was only fairly interesting at a couple of points. It was supposed to be a comedy too…. but most of that certainly fell very flat for me.

    A real shame… as it could have been so much better had they just went hog wild nuts at the end and cut loose with some real military style shoot em’ up zombie violence…..

    Oh well….. at least it was good for an evenings cuddle on the couch……

  3. I cant say I agree with your low score on this one.

    I loved it, sure its weak on explanations, but hey its a Zombie movie what do we need to know?
    There was a great deal of mild gore, comedy and homage to older horror classics and as said before, one truly disgusting and weird sex scene. The characters and setting was stereotypical for a horror movie, but in a fine celibrating way. The pacing was ok with me, building up from calm to climax. In short it was just alot of fun for the whole family 🙂

    The strange guy in the tent was the only thing i didnt get,. If it was so dangerous out there, why did he stay there all by himself in a tent, in the middle of the winter!?

    Well, for me it was just good all popcorn fun. Sure its not one of the best movies i seen, but its great fun for the moment.

    I would like to give it 4 chainsaws out of 5.

  4. Nice to hear from you again, Skepparkrantz!

    I really waffled a bit on deciding upon a rating for this one… it was ever so close to getting a passable 3, but ultimately I found that I didn’t like any of the characters enough to go that far….

    Actually… the most interesting “character” was Oberst Hertzog…. but they didn’t delve deeply enough into him or his motivations to make him a truly memorable “anti hero” for me…. I wish there had been some flashback stuff showing exactly how he and his men became zombies…. that might have been interesting……

  5. Thanks Nekoneko , Its always nice to visit your litterbox

    Actually I was more leaning to give it a strong 3, but after your little 2 kitten Meows i had to make a point and upgrade it a bit 🙂

    Next Zombieflick that will be playd in my new pride (i finally bought a upscaling dvd-player, and im so happy!) is the spanish Serial killer/Zombie movie/Comedy “Sexy Killer”, hope it gonne be a good ride..

    Trailer and coverart:

  6. “Sexy Killer” looks good! Now that Trailer makes it look like the sort of Zombie action I’m craving for a proper goose pimply good time. Since it’s out on Region 2 in the UK I might just have to snap up a copy. Thanks for the heads up!

    Another one I’m waiting on is the new French Zombie film by Xavier Gen, “The Horde”…..
    Take a peek at the Trailer here:

  7. Wow.. “The Horde” looks super sweet, something to look forward to..

    I hopefully get “Sexy Killer” anyday now. It have got a nice review from the guys over at beyondhollywood.com. The only thing is that the R2 UK disc only comes with DD 2.0 sound, why oh why does the UK discs so often have 2.0 sound and burned in subtitles!? well, its not out in the US so we have to settle with less.

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