One comment on ““Lesbian Vampire Killers” (2008) – Horror/ Comedy

  1. As far as I remember, \Gavin and Stacey\ is mainly written by Corden and Ruth Jones. Corden and Horne recently made a sketch show for BBC Three, which promised a lot more than it delivered. Even from its credits (Cordon and Horne trashing some tv sets to the music of hip music – \We Are Rockstars\). I think I could generally laugh once or twice per episode (28 minutes) and it sounded like a good indication their movie would be similar.

    I guess there’s nothing wrong with these two per se (Corden is also doing the rounds of comedy panel shows and can be funny), but the two friends working together spells out their major problem: they’re friends and amicality can stand in the way of quality.

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