8 comments on ““Shtolnya” (Штольня) (2006) – Ukrainian Horror

  1. Your reviews are fun and interesting to read, so first a thank you! And second, I was wondering where you found a copy of this online? I’ve been looking for a couple of Ukrainian films, that aren’t available on any of my usual sites for these kinds of things, and so was curious if you’d found a good place to buy them?

  2. Why, hellow there Peter and welcome to the ol’ Litterbox!!

    Actually… I managed to find this one at eBay, always a good choice to check, but if these sorts of hard to find goodies are what you crave, don’t forget to try Amazon…. the Marketplace sellers (Amazon’s version of eBay) there often offer some surprising stuff you just can’t grab elsewhere. There are probably a good half dozen or so that specialize in Russian and Ukrainian items.

    Outside of those two, I really only am aware of RussianDVD.com out of New York City here in the US, but I’ve yet to use them as I’ve always had better pricing at one of the other places first.

  3. Thank you for the reply! My experiences are similar, I often use eBay or Amazon Marketplace, and I’ve also seen but never used RussianDVD.com. I try to tell myself that the challenge of finding these movies, just makes it all the more rewarding when/if I finally get to see them. Some days I believe that, and some days it’s grrrrrr.

  4. Yes… sometimes the search alone can be quite vexing. There are so many films that I hear vague rumors of but never find…. or if I do, they don’t have any English subtitling.

    I had forgotten… but strangely enough, if Russian films are your thing, you might try Thailand for discs, if you can play PAL formatted Region 3’s, that is. Many times I end up eventually finding them there with subtitles after all other sources have been exhausted.

    “Pirahna” aka “Ohota Na Piranyu” was such a find for me…. “Wolfhound” was another.

    Still on my list to find…. “Skalolazka”, “Yulenka”, and “Day-D”….. Hehehehe!!

  5. Yes, I love Thai films (actually that’s how I first saw your blog). I use ethaicd constantly, often for French or Russian movies. I’ve also found some Russian DVDs from Germany (the German DVD for ‘Wolfhound’ is fantastic for example). I haven’t seen “Skalolazka”, “Yulenka”, or “Day-D”, but after Googling them just now I want to!

  6. Ahhhh!!…. ethai is a wonderful place. I’d buy more stuff from them if only the Thai’s hadn’t stopped subtitling their own releases. Thaimegamart is nice too, but has the most wonky and untrustworthy looking shopping cart ever. Still…. they are the only seller that ever gave me 2 day shipping from Thailand flown through a Category 5 typhoon…. that’s gotta be worth something….

    I almost grabbed the German version of “Wolfhound”, but was expecting a more timely US release…. I finally broke down and bought the Thai version mostly because I got tired of waiting….

    I so glad you enjoy stopping by… I had begun to wonder if I lost all my regular visitors when we had our Internet provider switch here at Deirium.

  7. Wow, never expected this to have an English review. xD Thanks~
    BTW there’s a recent Ukrainian movie called SelfieParty that also has English subtitles and is freely available on YouTube (surprisingly, the director of the movie put it up there). It’s gonna be bad, so I won’t watch it, but maybe you’ll find it enjoyable enough for a review? xD
    Not putting up a link so as not to get caught by a spam filter, but a search of “selfieparty cinema” on YouTube gives out the movie as a first result.

    • Hehehe!! Yep… if it’s wierd and foreign here in the good ol’ US, then this lil’ Catgirl’s probably seen it. Or I’m looking for it. 😉

      Thanks for stopping by and posting. I’m constantly surprised by the visitors that make thier way to my lil’ Litterbox thanks to my strange tastes in cinema. I get to meet some of the nicest people that way. 🙂

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