6 comments on ““Deep In The Jungle” (2008) – Thai Fantasy/ Romance

  1. Nice review. May i ask if from where you order your Malaysian DVD´s? and how is the quality of the Malaysian releases compared to HK releases? One more thing, does the Malaysian dvds include the english title and plotline on the cover?
    Many quastions 🙂 but i hope you can share some of your knowledge to another sucker for asian movies.
    Nice blog you have.. I love your reviews since you find all sort of strange little films, the kind i like!

  2. Well, howdy there, Skepparkrantz! Nice to have a new reader at the ol’ “Litterbox”.

    Ummm… let’s see. Probably the easiest place for Malay DVD’s (and probably the most trustworthy) is Sensasian.com out of Malaysia itself. Only a couple of things to be aware of…. If you are checking them out, be aware that they display their prices in different currency depending upon the preference you set when you browse…. Seecondly, (and I’m not exactly certain why) they give NO option to get prices in US dollars…. (so I usually end up pricing stuff in Australian dollars). They are fairly accurate in their descriptions, but occasionally they list a film as having subtitles when it doesn’t. The recent release of “Maut” springs to mind on that one….

    If foreign ordering worries you, HKFlix or DVDAsian here in the US usually carry most Malay releases and are often a good place to check specs to see if they ARE actually subtitled or if there are other problems with a release. Ordering them that way will inflate the price considerably though….

    As to quality…. well, Malay discs run a fairly wide variation in that respect. “Deep in the Jungle” was excellent, as was their recent release of the Finnish horror film “Sauna”, and the Japanese film “Ichi” which I can definitely recommend to the Asian film fan on a budget…. But others are less stellar, such as “Cyborg She”, which has a terrible mastering flaw within the first 5 seconds of the film skipping the first two minutes of the film…. AUUUGGHHH!!!
    Others I’ve gotten have had terrible… terrible auto translated subtitles added in that are totally incomprehensible.

    If I had a choice between a Malay disc, a HK one or a release out of Singapore, and price seemed to be the only difference between them, I’d probably get either the HK or Singapore disc…. but sometimes Malaysia is the only way to go if a film is being stubborn about getting a subtitled release anywhere else. (And at least if it sucks, you are probably only going to be out a couple of dollars for it…. they certainly are inexpensive if nothing else!!

  3. Good morning to you my favorite catgirl and a big thanks for your detailed reply.

    Foreign ordering dont worry me since i live in Sweden where asian films are rarely released, So most of my discs are ordered from the UK, US, HK or Korea. My all time favorite store is DDDHouse.com.

    I have earlier been avoiding sensasia since I have a few times already been hoovering my mousepointer over the buy button to discover that on other sites that movie in question dont have english subs (which is a must!). But good point that i can compare the spec with DVDAsia if i want to order….

    Qualitywise i prefer US or Korea discs, but HK releases are often great to. It sounds like malaysian discs aint gonna be my first choise but if i cant wait for a subtitled release in any other region i may go for it.

    Thanks for your reply and for and your lovely “litterbox”.

  4. Well, well! I’m pleased to have a reader waaay over in Sweden, so glad you enjoy my crazy scribblings and I’m glad I was able to help you out.

    I remember when I first started collecting my crazy foreign films…. There weren’t many sources back then and Internet ordering was in it’s Infancy…. Originally I had to rely on just a couple of domestic US importers (or one or two friends who occasionally traveled overseas…)

    Luckily, things have changed dramatically in the last few years…. I’m constantly amazed how easy it is these days to find a film mentioned somewhere and with a little searching, I can usually source it somewhere within a day or so.

    You’ve got me thinking on this and I’m thinking I need to post a good definitive list of useful merchants I’ve had luck with over the years. It certainly couldn’t hurt to spread the knowledge and experience I’ve gained in my searches for those intrigued enough to want these films too.

  5. Great idea to make a list of online stores!

    I only use few stores.. But here is my list

    My favorite online store from HK! Good prices, good email support, very good shipping time and they ship it nice packages that looks like presents and always write down price for customs.

    My no 1 choise for UK releases, great bargins, ok shipping time.

    a little to price compared to DDDhouse but a huge selection..

    Thai store with nice prices. I used to buy from them but its hard to find any Thai movies with english subs nowdays.

    Korean store, since dvdfromkorea closed their business its the only korean store i order from. Ok prices for a korean store, good shipping, and a ok bonus system.

    A US store for those nice R1 releases. Sometimes great prices. good shipping time.

    A danish/Canadian store who sell R1 releases, a bit pricy but i dont have to worry about custom and extra taxes. good customer support and great layout!

  6. Hehehe…. nice to hear from you again!

    You’ve got quite the list there….. Yesasia is great if you are located here in the states, but I’ve never heard how Yesasia Global was for others located outside the US. Nice selection indeed, and my personal favorite for TV series on DVD….. Gotta love those Swordplay Romance Serials…..

    Ethai is probably the overall best bet out of Thailand itself…. the lack of subtitles being a continuing trend means I don’t grab much from the either unless I’m filling my need for Thai pop CD’s or a Thai DVD that I found good fansubs for.

    I haven’t dealt with the others you mentioned… but dvdheaven sounds like it’s worth a look for me as I just love Korean film. I’ll be checking it out!

    My list should be ready by tomorrow, and it’ll have most of the ones I’ve had good luck with…. hope there will be a useful couple there for you too.

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