3 comments on “Those Lazy, Crazy Days of Summer…

  1. That’s alright. If you could manage to post an update to DV that would be awesome though. I’ve already finished my piece for the 3rd of July.

  2. I know… I’ve been so darn absent lately. Even after trying my best to shake myself and set some goals I still find myself falling back into the old rut…

    I’ve got three separate reviews working though, in draft form, and it’s still my intention to make “Valley of Gwangi” the next one for DV. I’m hoping to finish it this afternoon and I’ll wait till you say it’s time to spring it.

    How’s that?

  3. I don’t have a frontpage article ready yet. There’s three scheduled posts for the Avenue and possibly one of them could be on DV’s frontpage, but that won’t go live till July 9. So feel free.

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