7 comments on ““Coming Soon” (2008) – Thai Ghost/ Horror

  1. omg….creepy…i am watching the movie and not yet done…thx for telling partially the movie….now i have more confidence to keep watching the movie…
    teehee…wella yeah idk wat else to write….buh byes

  2. super scary ghost I’ve ever seen in my whole life…
    beat all the Indonesian ghosts… hahaha!!!
    the story is very powerful yet realistic…
    this movie is really entertaining!!!
    Still hold my breath eventhough I only watched it on youtube,,,

  3. I dont know that it was release on 2008 coz ive just watch this scary thing and it was so effective. Nice movie.

  4. i love the plot and subplots. it kept me guessing til the end. it has the creepiness but not much gore. it scares me enough to keep my eyes on the screen to see what’s coming up and nit miss a thing.

    i simply love it.

  5. Very scary and soo realistic! My cuzin was the one who introduced me to this movie and I thank her for that…by the way, I am a horror movie addict! hehehe ciao!

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