2 comments on ““Tamami: The Baby’s Curse” (2008) – Japanese Horror

  1. Here i am again, filling your litterbox with some words..

    I have been longing ever since you wrote about this movie for a english subtitled version with better price, sure the J-releases use to be nice but way to pricy.

    And now finally to my surprice i found out that a Malaysian version have reached HKFlix and dvdasian.com.. its not even out on sensasian.
    ohh joy christmas have come early this year! HKflix sell it for just under 13 dollar..
    I dont have really have any money now, but what the hell i think i order it anyway, i can eat carrots and potatos for rest of the month! 🙂

  2. Ah… yes, I’ve seen that one, and HKFlix says everything is good with it too. They usually check a copy themselves to see if the subs are actually there and that they work as promised.

    If it’s as good a disc as the Malay one for “Ichi” I’d say “Go for it!”….. 12$ US is a pretty good price.

    Oh…. and by the by, if it’s easier for you, HKFlix is also a Marketplace Seller on Amazon. So you could purchase it there too if using Amazon Payments is easier for you than dealing directly with HKFlix. Always nice to have options….. 🙂

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