4 comments on ““Scaregivers” (2008) – Philippine Comedy/ Horror

  1. Wow, Nekoneko! I haven’t even seen this! But yes, this is standard fare Filipino or Pinoy comedy. Slapstick and over-the-top plots. 🙂

  2. Nice to hear from you again Thor!

    Yep…. I liked this one, and I’ve a sneaking suspicion it will do very well in overseas markets elsewhere in Asia… it is just so similar to the style of films that go well in rural areas in Thailand and Indonesia. They seem to like that sort of film a lot.

    • Why hello there Elgart!

      Sorry it’s taken soooo long to get back to you and welcome you to the ol’ Litterbox properly, but lately life has kept this lil’ lady plenty busy…..

      I’ve seen “Sigaw”, but haven’t yet done a review for it…. seems I’m always watchin’ more movies than I ever have the time to review…. Still, a surprising number do get written about here, especially if they entertain or tickle my imagination in some way or another. (Or just plain tick me off…. Hehehehe!)

      Took a look at your blog, and it reminds me of another one, “Film Asia” that does quick lil’ capsule reviews… nice work! Looks like I’ve another link for the Blogroll!

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