7 comments on ““Let The Right One In” (2008) – Swedish Vampire/ Romance

  1. I *love* this movie!!! It’s creepy, frosty, and surprisingly sweet at the core. Great ending, too. That pool bit took me by surprise. I’m now hunting down the book where the movie’s based on.

    Great review, Nekoneko!

  2. Hehehe…. I’m glad you guys both liked this one so much.

    I almost missed it myself, but got intrigued by the Trailer for it that Magnet included on their release for “Chocolate”….

  3. Was just about to write a review of this film for my blog site, having read your review i really don’t know if i could do it the justice you did, excellent stuff and look forward to reading more!

  4. I took a peek over at your Blog…. I think you did a bang up job reviewing this one!

    Nice to hear from another film fan and to know I’m getting some visitors!! Come back by again soon!

    • Yes… I’ve seen the Trailer. Looks like almost a shot for shot remake…. sigh.

      Makes me wish they’d have given the original a decent theatrical release first in the US.

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