2 comments on ““Exploding Chair Destroys Boy’s Ass”

  1. JeezyCreezy, that was worth a few chuckles. I found the same story at Gizmodo after reading it here and some comments are priceless, like this one from an obviously inquiring mind:

    “@TheStig’sNJCousin_GitEmSteveDave: You know, in looking at it and thinking about kids, I have an idea. Perhaps he was goofing around and had the chair set up to the top height, and was jumping ONTO the seat. I think that’s the only way the physics could work. I doubt these cylinders have enough force to burst through the steel and chair if they are attatched to the chair to begin with. It would move as one unit.
    Picture two cars. In one scenario, you are touching bumpers. You gun your accelerator. Does you crash into the car ahead of you or cave the bumper in? No. You are taking an object at rest and accelerating with it. But now back up 3 feet so you aren’t touching. Gun it again. NOW you will get damage. You are transferring a lot of energy into a object at rest, instead of moving with you.
    So this kid had it at full height and jumps. Since he’s accelerating, he will hit with more force. He hits the chair. Now all this energy is being directed downward. Since most of these unit have baffles inside, which slow the rise and fall, it probably acts like a single unit. The wheels spread the force out, so each wheel and leg don’t get that much force. Since it’s also spread over a large area, it’s not going to push through the floor. Even if a wheel fails, the usual distance between the bottom of the piston and the ground is at most 1″, as the wheels keep it off the ground. So where does all this energy go/get released? Onto the area with the most concentrated force, the ~3/4” top piston. You figure if he did this enough, the metal was probably weakened, as also evidenced by the rust on the exposed screws. So it erupts through the bottom of the chair and into the kid. Now at this point the seat tips over, and the kid falls off. As someone who has cut himself more times than he likes, you don’t automatically bleed right away. If he tumbles out of the seat, that would stop him getting blood on it. He then bleeds and calls for help. When help arrives, they move everything away from him to load him onto a stretcher. Afterwards, they take this photo to show the damage.
    Plausible? (Edit comment) “

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