2 comments on ““Somtum” (2008) – Thai Action/ Comedy

  1. Heh heh, I actually saw this in a bus in Cambodia. Unfortunately no subtitles but after reading the synopsis looks like I followed not too bad. Maybe in fact that’s the ideal way to watch this. Stick on some music, look out the window from time to time, talk to the scary man beside you who needs your UK phone number for some reason, and relax 🙂

    The big wrestling climax looked pretty amusing and watching Katen swing from Barney like a tree in the fights was never going to fail. Glad I finally know the name of this now 🙂

    Maybe you can help identify the other new Thai film I saw Neko. It was much more confused and difficult for me to provide a synopsis but basically it was a slapstick romantic comedy that went along the lines of pretty boy fancies pretty girl. For some reason he keeps being shunted through time and space quantum leap style, I remember him as a gangster where he has a double, him as some kind of ghostbuster in a flat. As with (seemingly) all Thai films he has a fat stupid friend, and wee street urchin boy sidekick.

  2. Glad you liked “Somtum”! It was one of those “change of pace” films for me, and lots of fun.

    You’re right about it being pretty easy to follow… I don’t know if you saw it dubbed into Khmer when you watched it in Cambodia, but the Thai version has Barney and most characters actually speaking English throughout the entire film. Subtitles were really only needed a couple of places to help explain some of the Thai goings-on.

    As for that new film…. Haven’t got a clue about it’s title, but it sounds interesting and I’ll certainly get looking for it! Neko has her ways….. Hehehehe!!

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