2 comments on ““Semum” (2008) – Turkish Horror

  1. I watched this movie and liked it so much.Good suspense and intersting twist.I thing american movie industry will try to rip-off or remake semum as a new exorcist style.And the scene of cat was really jumped me :)),the acting of cat was good too.Neko-chan you like cats but in the end of semum canan did not learn where is her cat and who killed it…

  2. Yes, poor lil’ kitty was all forgotten by the end of this one. But then they WERE a little bit overwhelmed by the whole exorcism thing, so I’ll cut them some slack. Hehehehe!!

    Nice to see another film fan drop by the ol’Litterbox! Hope you enjoyed my review. I’ve got another Turkish one coming up soon, for “Musallat”, which I finally found a copy of. It should pop up as soon as I get the chance to watch it.

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