4 comments on ““Phoonk” (2008) – Hindi Ghost/ Horror

  1. i think that this movie is way toooo scary oh my god i could not sleep that night!
    and if you all like horror movies than try this one named ROKKK this movie is all about a soul living in a huge house and blaa blaa blaaa………see it yourself!:(

    • Actually…. I already saw “Rokkk” and did a review here at the ol’ Litterbox.

      I’m kinda into the goofy vibe of Hindi horror films too…. take peek around, you’ll find quite a few more review and keep comin’ back, I’ve a few more in the pipeline for the future.

  2. Hi… I was looking for a review of “The Cat” when I first stumbled upon your blog, and your list of reviews is massive!! Whew!! Loads and loads!! I have been reading and reading, and I must say, you do a swell job!! BTW, post reading this review of Phoonk, I must let you know that Phoonk 2 has been released. Also, there is a movie called Vaastu Shaashtra which you might like…it is a horror movie, and there isn’t one single song in the whole thing, so it is a concise movie by Bollywood standards :). Again, good writing!!

    • Nice to have another of my Gentle Visitors chime in!

      Yep…. I’ve got a copy of “Phoonk 2” but haven’t yet gotten around to giving it a look-see yet. Hopefully I’ll like it as much as the original. 😉

      “Vaastu Shaashtra”Hehehe, you are right, I did like that one! It’s closest to the sort of Haunted house stories I see in Western films, but still very “Indian” at the same time. Really worth a watch if you haven’t seen it.

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