One comment on “Neko Gets Set Up!!

  1. Well…. Saturday’s Movie Nite wasn’t toooo terrible. Samantha and her boyfriend Neil showed up early and helped me set up stuff in the kitchen so I had time to spruce up my apartment a bit before the others arrived. Julie and Beth showed up with Ben in time for us to watch “Chocolate” as well as “The Deserted Inn”.

    Surprisingly… Ben turned out to be a reasonably interesting guy. (A bit younger than me,almost too much younger… I have to remind the girls that despite my youthful looks, I’m in my early 30’s not mid 20’s like them…)

    Anyways, he WAS actually sort of cute, and seemed both impressed by my movie collection and interested in me personally…. And I didn’t even get the “Yellow Fever” vibe off from him. I guess we’ll see if he tries to get back in touch or not…

    Hopefully, I’ll be able to write my review for “The Deserted Inn” tomorrow, so be on the look out for it!

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