10 comments on ““Kuntilanak 3″ (2008) – Indonesian Ghost/ Horror

  1. Actually….having seen them all, I can say this was one of those films they should have left stand as a single.

    Watch the first…. it stands alone and is worth seeing.

  2. Great review. Actually this film wasn’t made as much money as the first film did. I think the audiences here also felt a little boringly with those too much forced stories. If i may to recommend you, I like you to watch “Hantu”, another Indonesian horror film with similar forest setting but with the story and acting that’s more natural and more promising.

  3. Thanks Jaccstev! I get the feeling from other blogs and reviews that the Indonesian film scene feels “glutted” by horror films and it seems to turn the audiences off with it’s repetition…. but that’s just my impression as an outsider of course.

    Luckily I like horror films…. Thanks for for your suggestion, but I beat you to it…Hehehehe. I saw “Hantu” some time ago and reviewed it over at Delirium Vault, but just haven’t moved it to the Litterbox yet. Soon though…I’ll migrate a copy over here to the Archives.

  4. Have you also ever seen “Kala”? I thought it also one of the best Indonesian films with supernatural feel ever made. What’s added on it and made the film more unique is it noir style.

  5. This film is confusing,with bad laughing effect,i thought i wont watch the 3rd when watched the 2nd sequel,but,guess! i watched the 3rd.geez,and yeah,the 1st is the better of all 3.

  6. I never understood until last night, why some folks write the whole story of a film; but having watched Kuntilanak 1 with subtitles; then the first hour of K2 with subtitles, and the rest without; followed by K3 with none at at; I went on a Google search to find some kind of English transcript, and luckily I found your blog; now I am so very appreciative of folks who write the whole story of a film 😀

    • Yep. I hear you there. This particular film series isn’t the most easily grasped without at least reasonable subtitles to help guide you along. A shame more of these kooky lil’ Indonesian films aren’t released here with subtitles or cheesy dubbing like most of the old classic Chinese films were. I’m thinking people would get a kick out of them. 🙂

      • lol that’s why your speaking of the plot was so very helpful, I could not figure out what was going on in the third film;

        I do love Indonesian; Korean; Thai; Chinese and Japanese films, so feel sad when there’s no English subtitles, which I far prefer to English dubbing.

        I’m now following your blog because I know when I come across another non-subbed i know you will have the story; and :because I will be able to keep up with the new films too 🙂

      • Hehehe!! Well.. this lil’ Catgirl spends oodles and oodles of her time on these crazy films, so eventually they all seem to find their way to my DVD player one way or another.

        I sometimes dread giving away toooo much of the plot in a review, but I figure most of these films are the type of thing potential viewers might want to know about before going to the trouble of hunting down for themselves.

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