4 comments on ““Kuntilanak 2″ (2007) – Indonesian Ghost/Horror

  1. Well….coincidentally I have found the VCD release for “Kuntilanak 3” this morning during my early netsurfing. Usually that means that a DVD is probably only a week or two away. Hopefully I’ll be able to locate the Indonesian disc soon thereafter.

    Keepin’ my lil’ paws crossed for luck!

  2. I like the first film but this second and also the third are only like an unreasonable compulsion to make the film as a trilogy. “Kuntilanak 3” is the worst of all, it’s only gave an absurd and messy conclusion to the story.

  3. Oooh!! A comment from outside our lil’ community of DV’ers. Welcome Jaccstev, and I’m sad to hear I’m probably going to be disappointed with “Kuntilanak 3”.

    I really liked the first film a lot and have spent considerable efforts tracking down the sequels. Guess they can’t all be winners though…..

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