3 comments on ““Lewat Tengah Malam” (2007) – Indonesian Ghost/ Horror

  1. Although no insult was intended… you have to remember that as both an Asian American and as a woman I probably have far different views on the idea of what is acceptable behavior by other young Asian women. Photos that are actually no more revealing than a lingerie advertisement in the Sears catalog really shouldn’t be a reason to arrest anybody….. and I’ve seen bikinis in Indonesian comedy films that were far more revealing.

    I did actually do some research on this “scandal” while preparing my review, and the Indonesian press itself uses the term “hardline Muslim group” while referring to the Front Pembela Islam who have a well established record of thuggery and violence to achieve their aims.

    As for them “going insane” over this…. well attacking the offices of a business with vandalism and rock throwing and then battling the police in the streets sounds a bit crazy to me…. Most people don’t include that in their definition of “right to protest”… at least not in my neck of the woods.

    All that controversy aside though…. remember, this is just a lil’ review blog for movies, and any comments made are my own impressions seen as an outsider from the waaaaay the other side of the world, so I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on this topic.

  2. juz want to say that im quite disappointed with your particular sentence ‘threat of crazy Islamic fundamentalists going insane over a magazine which doesn’t even feature any nudity at all in its addition’. featuring woman in lingerie can be considered nude particularly when u are only covered with two piece. by the way, they did not go insane as what u claimed and its their right to protest especially as the country has the worlds most largest population of Muslims…

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