2 comments on ““Left For Dead” (2007) – Argentine Spagetti Western/ Horror

  1. Greetings oh feline princess. Discovered your work a few weeks ago & now find myself here on a daily basis. Enjoyable reading, you have an easy to read style that makes these reviews fun.
    Had to chime in on this one, out of the few dozen reviews I’ve read here so far this is the very first I found to bestow more than three meows on a movie. As I’ve read through reviews from, wow, come to think of it movies from every single CATegory you have listed here. I found myself smiling by the time I reached the 3 outta 5 meows part so I actually had to go back in my browser to re-read the conclusion here & make sure I didn’t imagine things LOL.

    Anyway, ta ta, off to find a copy of Left for Dead now, look forward to more good reads from you.

    • Whoooo! This is an old review… but it’s nice to hear from another of my Gentle Visitors here at the Litterbox, and I hope you’ll come back and chat again sometime! 😉

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