2 comments on ““Lawang Sewu: Dendam Kuntilanak” (2007) – Indonesian Horror

  1. “both Islamic and Asian notions about victimizing women makes their predicament somehow all their own fault..”

    hi there,i’ve truly, truly enjoyed your blog 😉 however, please take some time to research and gain a better understanding about the Islamic viewpoint of women before passing a statement like this one. and, never judge the teachings of any religion by those who fail to follow them correctly. I agree that many Asian cultures are very chauvinistic in their approach towards women,but that is a cultural trait, not religious and not Islamic.

    • Nice to see somebody reading these older reviews and I welcome your comment.

      My statement above was mostly this wee lady’s instinctive gut reaction to the treatment of our poor main character in this film. I watch a lot of these movies…. and it always seems to me that ideas you see repeated as themes…. over and over again…. usually are a good indicator of a society’s views on a topic. Especially in popular media intended as entertainment. That can be said of all cultures, even my own.

      Given that…. I’m not knocking either Indonesia, it’s people, or it’s religion. I’ve some good friends from there who prove to me that not all people hold these outdated ideas as ideals to be perpetuated into the future. I just got soooo darn mad watching this one and seeing that a father…. any father…. could make his own daughter, victim of a cruel crime she never asked to be a victim of….. out to be someone deserving torturous cruel punishment. I said that this was wrong…. and I stand by that. Ideas like that never go away unless someone is just willing to say: “No… I will not be treated with cruelty or be dismissed as less than worthy just for having been born a woman.”

      All that aside…. I hope you’ll visit again and maybe enjoy some of my other goofy ramblings…. (They aren’t all quite such angry rants….. honest!!) 😉

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