One comment on ““Suster N: Dendam Suster Ngesot” – Indonesian Horror 2007

  1. Seems suster ngesot is the popular one than its sister, suster gepeng. Suster gepeng is one of Indonesia’s ghosts too. A lot of Indonesians believe that suster gepeng came to be because of accident on elevator. A nurse in work try to go to other floor by elevator, but there’s error happen to the elevator that made it close up and pressed the poor nurse to death. And so the nuese became suster ghost that look normal from front or behind but the scare came when you saw the nurse from beside (left or right of them) and you only see being that’s gepeng (so thin,as thin as paper), hence the name suster gepeng. Gotta love Indonesian ghosts lore, there’s just too many of them to really count.

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