One comment on ““Hantu” (2007) – Indonesian Ghost/ Horror

  1. Hey.…. Just to be clear.. Whenever you hear word Alas and coupled it with Wingit, get out of it fast! Here’s the meaning Alas (from Javanese) means Jungle and Wingit (also from Javanese, and even on this movie you saw) means never been touch by human (which mean it’s blessed or cursed by baaad ghosts, sometime it become a place or a kingdom for ghosts, demons, and other creepies). Then when you ever heard of Kampung/Desa Hantu or Ghost Village, then never imagine it as a deserted village. Because it usually seen as a barren place within jungle or just plain jungle within jungle for people that have no sixth sense or second sight. But for people who can ‘see’ though, they’ll see a village, a town or even a palace that is full with ghosts, demons, jinns, satans, and other baddies and creepies. I think there’s a movie about it (forgot the tittle though). It’s about people from TV broadcast that sent a crew to Alas wingit just to document it or to proof that there’s nothing to be affraid of its legend. Well, as we know, bad things happened and they got killed one by one, some get to see the legendary ghost/demon palace within jungle and one or two (can’t remember), got escape just to deliver the tape, yet they who escape still got claimed by the beings from the jungle/forest. TTFN

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