4 comments on ““Penanggal” (2013) – Malay Vampire Horror

    • Hahahaha!! I know what you mean… ;)

      It’s a wacky monster and really hard to get right without making it look silly. “Mystics In Bali” was quaint and goofy for it’s time, but still holds a soft place in my heart. The Thai “Krasue” films can sometimes be good if a bit uneven at times.

  1. And that’s why my dear Catgirl, you are my favorite person in the world. You save me from watching this movie. I heard from my sister; it was scary, it was gross, it was this, it was that. I can find this for free online but I’m the kind of person who’s willing to spend money as long as it’s decent. This movie; just by reading it; will only give me a headache. So, thanks again my savior. I bow humbly before you. Okay, the bow humbly part; I read it some where and was itching to use it. ;)

    • No problem! I share your disappointment over this one… I so wanted to like it more than I did, but just ultimately couldn’t. Oh well… maybe the next Malay horror will be like the ones I really enjoy.

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